Thursday, 28 March 2013

Easter Time

Been getting things ready recently for starting my new job as an au pair in the next week or so, I am so excited. Had to collect a few bits and pieces at the shops today, it's so hard not to just go wild and buy loads of things. The one thing I went for and they weren't there, I just want some cosy jumpers to wear with leggings. Didn't realise how much I would feel the cold being in Australia, everyone would tell me that it got cold, but to me being from Scotland 20 degrees isnt cold, but it is here after getting used to the heat.

Anyway, I got given my little easter gifts from my dad and step-mum today. They are so cute, my step-mum made up little bags of Lindt, Dairy Milk and Milkybar goodies, a Dairy Milk rabbit, a pair of ear-rings and a yummy body shop shower gel. It really does smell like grapefruit! Also, the word for grapefruit in french is pampelmousse, I find this so funny. (Easily amused)

My little easter presents.

Oooh! I also couldn't help buying myself this little white chocolate Lindt rabbit at the shops, I love white chocolate so much and Lindt is amazing so why not?

I hope everyone has a good long weekend and doesn't get too sick from chocolate.

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