Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Weekend Out

I had a good weekend just there, went into the city with my sister and then to a little festival type thing in town. While in the city I got a MAC makeover by a lovely guy called Bruce. I opted for an everyday look, at first Bruce asked me what I used makeup for (sounds like a stupid question doesn't it?) So I told him that it was to cover up my blemishes and redness on my cheeks and chin, straight away he knew what to get and off he went to get everything. When he came back I was unsure of the colour of foundation that he had brought back as I thought it looked too pale, but sure enough when he put it on it was a perfect match. I was so amazed at everything he was doing. The end outcome was beautiful. For the makeover you pay a certain amount and get that amount in products plus pay the extra if you decide to buy more than the allowance. I also bought some EcoTools makeup brushes to use, they are amazing.

 MAC Makeup;
- Studio Fix Foundation Shade NW15
- Pro Longwear Concealer Shade NW20
- Select Sheer Pressed Powder Shade NC25
-Eyebrow Pencil Shade Fling

I have never owned any MAC products before, but I have to say no makeup that I have ever used compare to these. The concealer alone gives amazing coverage, I feel like I don't have any makeup on when I wear this, it is so smooth on my skin. The EcoTools makeup brushes are also amazing, in the set that I bought you get the powder/blush brush, a concealer brush, an eyeshadow blending brush, an angled eyeliner brush and an eyebrow brush. All the brushes are amazing, but I especially love the blending brush, by far the best I have used. The brushes are also good as they are so soft and cruelty free.

After being in the city with my sister, we went for a much needed Nando's. (ADDICTED) After this we came back and went into town for a little festival that was going on, it was so nice to be at. There were lots of different stalls, amusements and food places. We stayed there for a couple of hours just having a look around and even going on some things. My sister also won a toy giraffe, she found this so cool as she hadn't won anything on something like this before. Being at the festival for a while we found a vintage photo booth and decided to get a few pictures in it.


I had an amazing weekend and honestly don't know what I would do without my sister.

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